ABIA News: Social Investment Grants Program

As recipients of the 2019 Community Sector Banking Grant ABIA’s CEO, Susie Pavey, and Professional Development Writer, Peggy Hailstone, were invited to attend the 2019 Social Investment Grants Program recipient event in Docklands last year. The 2019 grants were awarded to several recipients to build capacity of their not-for-profit organisation and continue their great work making a real difference in people’s lives.

COVID-19 Update

As we navigate these changing times, we want you to know our organisation is here to help. Our role as an autism peak body is to support families and to connect the ABA community. We will continue to do this during, and beyond the Corona Virus pandemic.

To support our community during these times ABIA has a range of free supports. There are information packs for parents and GPs, online learning resources for educators, our podcast series (which includes a recently released relaxation/mindfulness audio), and a telephone support line 03 9830 0677 (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). See below for more great resources!

ABA training continues to be available online for parents, therapists, and educators.  The ABIA office is currently not open to the public however please contact us if you need training, information and support services. We are here to help.

Congratulations to ABIA Vice President Dr Erin Leif

Congratulations to ABIA Vice President Dr Erin Leif for receiving the Monash Graduate Association Lecturer of the Year Award for 2019! The MGA Lecturer of the Year Award is celebrated annually and is one of a kind because nominations come from graduate students rather than nominees themselves.


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