ABA Today 2021

We are delighted to announce that in 2021 the ABA Today Conference will be a virtual event! This means more cost-effective ticketing, the opportunity to develop more connections with peers from all around Australia (and possibly beyond our borders), and more ABA presentations that develop you personally, professionally, and practically.

Click here to purchase tickets today!

This virtual event is a forum for showcasing and sharing clinical advances and research findings, and for representing and sharing (and ultimately improving) the lived experience of individuals with autism.

ABA Today delegates are commonly service providers, clinicians, academics, researchers, parents and carers, medical and allied health professionals, parents and carers, and individuals with lived experience of ABA and autism.

For more information visit our conference website www.abatoday.com.au

Sponsorship Opportunities

We take the opportunity to welcome the Learning for Life Autism Centre and Autism Partnership as major sponsors for ABA Today 2021. These two high-profile ABA organisations are creating amazing change in the autism/ABA space and supporting hundreds of families.

We still have ONE panel opportunity left (Communication & ABA). Alternately you may chose to purchase an exhibitor booth to showcase your wares and have a sector presence. But don’t hold off. These also sell quickly! Visit www.abatoday.com.au/sponsorship to submit your interest.


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