ABIA provides training, information and support for those who live with, work with, or love a child with autism

About Us

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abiaofficeimageWe offer training, information and support for those who live with, work with, or love a child with autism. We assist those who have received an autism diagnosis, those who have yet to receive a diagnosis, and those who wish to make an informed decision about ABA as a possible intervention method for a child with autism. Our ABA Model of Care is a helpful visual tool in understanding where our organisation fits in the autism field, and how we may potentially be of service.

We are proudly non-profit. Each year unspent funds are injected back into existing or new programs and projects that ultimately benefit children (and families) with autism. We were formed in 1997 by a group of parents who sought the best and most positive life and developmental outcomes for their child and our work continues to honour this mission.

We are currently based in Canterbury in inner-eastern Melbourne. From our upstairs office, located on Maling Road, we facilitate our training programs, operations, and resource library. Email info@abia.net.au for queries about training or our services.

As the peak body for ABA for Autism we are eager to ensure the spread of accurate and comprehensive information regarding autism and behavioural intervention measures because we know all too well the wealth, indeed the minefield, of information about autism that exists. We know too, from 50 years of research, that behavioural based interventions work.

ABIA is both a training and membership organisation. We keep the community informed on all things ABA for autism through a biennial ABA conference (ABA Today) and the ABA for Autism Round Table. As a member organisation we support and represent hundreds of Victorian families, 26 ABA Service Providers, and a combined Facebook/Parent Support Network community of ~1,200. We offer members free support services, reduced fees for training and our biennial ABA conference (ABA Today); free access to our resource library (containing over 630 autism-related books, CDs, DVDs, flashcards, toys and educational props); and a monthly e-alert (information on autism research and industry happenings).

Enquiries about implementing ABA for your child, or upskilling your staff or yourself, can be directed to info@abia.net.au or (03) 9830 0677. You may also like to view our ABA videos and listen to our ABA podcast. Both resources provide introductory and explanatory information on ABA for autism.

We welcome you to ABA and look forward to meeting your needs.

ABIA was formed in 1997 by a group of parents seeking positive, life-long learning and developmental outcomes for their children. Identifying Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) as an effective and proven evidence-based treatment, they set about bringing ABA professionals and experts to our shores so that ABA training programs, information and knowledge could be established locally.

Many thousands of Victorian children and families have benefitted from our founding parents’ foresight. Thousands more will benefit as our organisation continues to grow and develop, supporting families and professionals with ABA information and training, through programs and projects that give back and assist.

ABIA is fortunate to have a proactive and dedicated Board of Management. Our Board Members bring a variety of professional skills and expertise. We are grateful for their commitment and the time they give to governance, operations and fundraising.

  • Wendy Kozica – President
  • Melanie Larkey – Vice President
  • Ashley Ross – Treasurer
  • Adriane Whiticker – Secretary
  • Deborah Reed – General Member
  • Dr Amanda Sampson – General Member
  • Kim Sheppard – General Member
  • Brooke Rudd – General Member
  • Ruth O’Shannassy – General Member
  • Sarah Foote – General Member
  • Anne Rose – General Member

Susie Pavey
General Manager


Jo Whatley
Administration Coordinator

Peggy Hailstone
Communications Manager