Wanita Choto

Wanita Choto
229 Franklin Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

My name is Wanita Zvikomborero Choto, Zvikomborero is a Shona name that directly translates to blessing or gift in English. I have always striven to live up to my name.

I am a Disability Support Worker, an ABA Therapist and a Bachelor of Nursing student at the Australian Catholic University.

I am extremely passionate about assisting vulnerable individuals in our society to recognise their true potential, and I aim to dedicate my life to the provision of person-centred care to my future clients and patients.

I am originally from Zimbabwe, and I have had the opportunity of traveling to several countries around the world, these experiences have allowed me to gain great respect for diverse cultures and lifestyles.




Domestic and home help, Personal care, Respite, Skills support - school, work, life, Social activities, Support worker, Supported accommodation, Supported employment
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