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After 20 years’ community service we are delighted (and appreciative) of the support of those who share our vision for a way of being, seeing, and supporting children with autism. These supporters are ABA Angels. Protective and benevolent, they give so others may receive.

You too can become an ABA Angel

For as little as $15 per month you can become a member of this special program. As an ABA Angel you will enjoy:

  • Knowing your donation is making a difference to many little (and big) lives
  • Six-monthly advice about the impact of your donations
  • The right to wear the ABA Angel, gold-embossed lapel pin
  • An annual coffee catch-up (and thank you) to update you on our organisation impact and achievements
  • Hassle-free monthly donations
  • Automatic payments from your credit card
  • An annual statement showing your tax deductible donation amounts
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time

Do you have the heart of an angel?

ABA Angels are deeply connected to ABA as an evidenced-based Model of Care. They’re connected because they’ve seen, experienced, or been touched by the hope that ABA gives, the change it creates. ABA angels have signed up, stepped up, and are giving monthly financial support to aid the spread of ABA information and therapy to other children and families.

ABA angels understand that for ABA to grow, to evolve into the most-common, the most universal autism intervention; that families need information, training, support. ABA angels are our biggest advocates, our greatest activists, our best backers. They advocate, activate and back our organisation and our work because they want to pay ABA forward, to ensure that other children and families get the help they need.

Monthly donations allow us to continue to support those who live with, work with, or love a child with autism.

  • $15 pays for an information kit for a family interested in using ABA as their preferred intervention model
  • $25 buys a library resource (books, flashcards, dvds)
  • $50 will help us create ABA Connect, an app that connects ABA families and ABA therapists
  • $100 converts an hour of ABA training to online format (significantly extending ABA’s reach to those in need)

If you’re thinking of giving this year—to a charity, a child, a cause—consider becoming an ABA Angel. Your gift as a regular donor is the gift of hope. It’s the gift of consistency so we can continue to help families and children get the comprehensive, intensive, and extensive support they need.

Need help or have additional questions?

Our angel musterer is Peggy Hailstone. She’s always happy to chat about giving options, or answer any ABIA/ABA-related questions: (03) 9830 0677 or email peggy@abia.net.au

Thank you

Thanks for your partnership. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a team of angels to care for and support a child with autism.

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