ABIA provides training, information and support for those who live with, work with, or love a child with autism


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Becoming an ABA member will keep you in touch with other ABA families, as well as ensure you remain up-to-date with autism and ABA events and happenings. It connects you with the broader ABA community, ensuring you are not alone in your practice of ABA or with implementation of your child’s ABA program.

Becoming an ABIA member offers a range of benefits including free access and borrowing rights to our autism resource library, monthly email e-alerts advising about autism and ABA matters, discounted advertising rates, discounted training rates, discounted ticketing to our biennial ABA Today conference. Parents gain access to our Parent Support Network. Therapists gain access to our LinkedIn (professional) therapists group; plus the option to advertise your services (and work availability) on the highly sought-after ABA Therapists’ Registry.

There is no better time, and no better Australian organisation, to support your learning needs in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention. Your membership helps other families with membership funds being used to create programs and resources that inform, educate, guide and support.

Individual/Family Membership

Individual/Family $60
Student $55

Professional Membership

ABA Therapist $65
Up to 5 employees $120
6+ Employees $200

Educational Membership

Individual $60
School/Kindergarten/ELC $100

Membership Matrix

Click on the membership matrix below to enlarge, which highlights the full range of ABIA membership benefits. Alternatively, download in pdf format here.