ABIA provides training, information and support for those who live with, work with, or love a child with autism


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ABIA offers support to those who live with, work with, or love a child with autism. If you’re a parent, carer, ABA professional, a student wanting to train in ABA, an adult wanting to retrain or work with children on the spectrum, you’ve come to the right place.


Our ABA Parent Support Network and our Family Support Helpline are our two key services for families. The Parent Support Network is an informal group made up of families who are using ABA as their preferred autism intervention. These are mums and dads who’ve gone through the process of diagnosis and ABA implementation. This support network is free to join, though you need to be an ABA member. There’s a closed/private Facebook forum where you can share your ABA/autism challenges and triumphs with people who know exactly what you’re going through.

The Family Support Helpline is a free telephone service available to anyone thinking about implementing ABA. The call is provided by a volunteer who has a child with autism and has used ABA as their preferred intervention method. To book a free half hour session email or call Jo.

We encourage you to become a member of ABIA so that you receive ongoing support and updates, and so that you can access our therapists registry.

Whether you’re already operating as an ABA professional or wanting to become one, ABA offers extensive support in your ABA professional journey. Join today to ensure you don’t miss out.

As the peak body for ABA we host a biennial conference with masterclasses for ABA professionals. As an ABA member you will get access to discounted registrations.

ABIA membership also entitles you to list as an ABA Service Provider (on our Service Provider Registry), or as an ABA therapist (on our Therapists Registry). Both of these listings ensure access and referral, and connection to ABA families in need of your services.

We will also keep you up-to-date with autism and ABA industry events and happenings, and the latest ABA research findings and practices, through our regular e-alerts. Our ABA Round Table, which is open to Service Providers and Senior ABA Program Supervisors, brings together key industry personnel and expertise. Meetings are held regularly. The ABA for Autism Round Table is a fabulous chance to get to know your industry peers, to collaborate and partner, to share and disseminate practice and knowledge.

There is also an ABIA Linked-In group for ABA therapists. If you’ve trained as a therapist with our organisation, email us to find out how to join.


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