ABIA runs both face-to-face & online ABA training programs suitable for parents and carers. ABA Therapist Training & Making it Work as an ABA Therapist are introductory courses that will impart practical skills and theoretical knowledge on Applied Behaviour Analysis. As you are your child’s first and foremost teacher, the benefits of undertaking this training are enormous. The training will help you to participate effectively in your child’s program from day 1 & also help you participate more fully in their life.

The ABA Therapist Training course runs over 3 days at our Canterbury office and the online training, Making it Work as an ABA Therapist, comprises of  20 modules (27.5 hrs of training) with 60 days to complete. Families who qualify for FaHCSIA/HCWA funding can utilise their funds to pay for the face-to-face training (not the online). Self-managed & plan managed NDIS recipients can use their funding to purchase both the face-to-face or online ABA training if it fits within their plan.

For more information on dates, costs or to purchase/register for the training click on the links below.